Peugeot Used Cars- Advice

What should you look for when buying a used car?

Car value and description

When buying a used car, you need to ask the seller for all the relevant information -  model, version, finish, options, mileage, engine, transmission -  but even if you’re given all this information, don’t forget to check everything for yourself. Make sure everything is consistent with what you’ve been told. For example, if the seats are listed as leather on the manufacturer's description and you discover they are actually made of fabric, then it should ring alarm bells. Likewise, always check the mileage displayed on the odometer and check the consistency of the chassis number on your car versus the paperwork.

Check the value of the car is close to what you’re being asked to pay. You can check this on a variety of car valuation websites if you’re not sure. If the asking price is too low or too high this could mean there is a problem somewhere with the vehicle.

By buying a car through a professional Retailer (such as PEUGEOT Approved), all these checks will have been made on your behalf and the asking price will accurately relate to the condition of the car, calculated according to specific criteria.


Buying Used: Carrying out a complete check of the car

While many used cars can look in good condition at first glance, do not always believe what you see!

Examine the car in every detail both inside and out. Examine the bodywork, the sills, the tyres, the glass, the mirrors and don’t forget to open the bonnet. In addition to the checking the oil and water levels, ask the seller to run the engine to hear how it sounds. Ask about the age of the battery, the timing belt, brake pads or the last change of filters (for diesel cars). These questions will give you information that is more accurate and help you judge how reliable the seller is.

If they struggle to answer your questions or seem hesitant, then they may be hiding something. By buying a used car from a specialist like PEUGEOT Approved, you have guarantees you don’t get with a private seller and the assurance of a complete overhaul of the car before it comes to you.

Used cars are available through the PEUGEOT Approved network and we will know who sold the car to them and how many previous owners it’s had. The Peugeot Used Car websites show all models available through PEUGEOT Approved. Then you can view the car, take it for a spin and be confident in its history. If you want to make a used car purchase with confidence, choose PEUGEOT Approved.


Whether a private or business customer, buying a used car can require thorough research. Since the car isn’t brand new, and may have already covered hundreds or even thousands of miles, meaning you need to make some important checks.

Here are our tips for buying a used car and avoiding the pitfalls.
Things to check before buying a used car
What to look for when buying a used car