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Where to buy a used car

Buying a used car: Choosing between buying from a private seller or a retailer

Where is the best place to buy a used car? You can buy a used car from an individual who wants to privately sell their car. These are normally advertised online through specialist carbuyer sites or through ads in local newspapers.

The advantage? You deal directly with the seller, but beware of possible unpleasant surprises.

Buying a used car from an individual is obviously more risky than buying from a Retailer because you do not have a warranty and the car will not have gone through important maintenance checks. Similarly, the price may not always be accurate so you must always check and compare the value of the car.

With a Peugeot Approved Retailer, who specialises in used vehicles, you’ll also be offered additional services when buying a used car, such as finance offers or breakdown cover – all to suit your pocket and needs.


Should you trust used cars ads online?

The internet has revolutionised the world of classified ads. These days it is possible to find thousands of vehicles on the web, which are easy to find but can be hard to distinguish between honest and reliable and rip-offs and scams.  

Stick to well-known and trusted vendors (beware of anonymous ads or those that display premium rate phone numbers) and take the time to look at customer reviews. It is also important to know where the vehicle physically is and to have an address to see it "in real life". An ad should display multiple photos of the car and provide a specific vehicle description.

Our Peugeot Approved Retailer network brings a wealth of experience to the second-hand market by bringing together the best models within the Retailer network. From city cars and coupés to SUVs and MPVs, you’ll find the perfect used vehicle to suit your needs and with a choice of powertrains. You can filter our Used Car website by model, version, age, engine and transmission to help you find your ideal used car.

Whether you already know the model of used vehicle that you want to buy or you are just researching the first steps, here are our tips:

Discover the different ways to buy a used car and in particular through the Peugeot Approved network.
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