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Benefits of buying a used city car

Used City Cars: Versatile Cars for those on a budget

The city cars segment has developed strongly over the last twenty years, becoming more popular for all types of drivers.

Compact but great as an everyday vehicle, city cars are primarily designed for city driving. Newer models are also great for longer journeys and are nippy and fuel efficient. The advantages of a used city car are as follows:

  • Already affordable from new, used city cars are even more of a bargain.
  • Equipped with smaller, efficient engines, city cars are reasonable on both road tax and insurance
  • The cost of maintenance is low, and their longevity excellent if maintained and serviced regularly.
  • Easy to drive and kerb appeal make them even more desirable.


Key points to consider when buying a used city car

Before you buy a small used car, you need to check specific points. Heavy urban use means  city cars can sometimes be mistreated. Look for dents on the doors, and any traces of friction on the interior. Ensure you take the car on a test drive, checking the clutch and the engine. Consider petrol versions over diesel which are cheaper to run and kinder to the environment.


Where to find the best small city car for your needs

Search the Peugeot Approved website - - to find the right car among thousands of available across the UK. The Peugeot Approved Used Cars network offers a selection of city cars, all with a minimum of 12 months warranty, to give you an even smoother ride.

Used city cars are unsurprisingly very popular. Driven by everyone from new drivers who’ve just passed their test to city dwellers or those simply looking for a smaller second car, it’s not surprising to find a great choice in used city cars.

Here are our tips on buying the best possible city car.
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