Benefits of buying a used electric vehicle

Used electric vehicles: an economical choice

Electric cars are the perfect choice for those who make trips of up to 92 miles a day. Because the electric vehicles market is still relatively small, there aren’t many used electric vehicles available, but they do offer real advantages, so are worth considering if you’re looking for a used vehicle for city use.

Peugeot currently offer two 100% electric vehicles – the Peugeot ion, an electric 5-door car, and the Partner Electric van.


If you buy a used electric car, here are the things you need to look out for:


  • The mileage: It will often be low because most electric cars only usually cover small trips. It is common to find used Peugeot iOn cars with less than 6,000 miles on the odometer.
  • The state of the battery: Take the electric car for a spin to judge its battery power. Test the air conditioning or heating, and run the car above 60 miles an hour to see if the battery light on the dash reduces in real time.
  • Easy charging: Does the car have all the correct equipment for re-charging? Are these elements in good condition?
  • The cost of parts and accessories: the maintenance of an electric car is relatively simple. It is also essential to pay attention to tires and brakes as you would on any used car.


Where to buy used electric vehicles


Where can you go to buy a used electric car? There will be few available through private sellers, as most people with electric cars like to retain them, especially with the 8 year warranty on their battery that Peugeot offers. Most used electric vehicles will therefore be found mainly in dealerships such as the Peugeot Approved network. You can search for electric vehicles on the Peugeot Used Cars website to find where they are located, as they may not be available at your nearest Peugeot dealer.

Buying a used electric car from Peugeot Approved allows you to benefit from our specialist advice so you can be sure if the car fits your needs and lifestyle and how to optimise its use. In addition to the car itself, Peugeot Approved offer you additional services that give you even more peace of mind: a warranty, finance offers, breakdown cover and the assurance that the car is fairly priced according to its value.

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular and increasingly important. Equipped with a battery rather than a fuel tank, electric cars allow you to drive without the need to visit a petrol station. Cheap to run and tax free, they’re naturally kinder to the environment than traditional models.

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