Peugeot 308 - Efficient Hatchback Vehicle

Benefits of buying a used Hatchback

Key things to check before buying

Hatchbacks (as well as larger  estate versions, whose length exceeds 4.8m) are the perfect choice for those who do a lot of miles. Their best asset? Quite simply, their comfort. Driving comfort is assured thanks to their superior equipment levels and optimised road handling, while comfort for passengers is also assured with soundproofing and good suspension. Hatchbacks available on the second-hand market (as seen on the Peugeot Approved website) may have completed more mileage than an average City car. If this is the case, you’ll need to consider checking the following things:


  • Bodywork: Any dents and general wear and tear due to prolonged use should be immediately visible. A used hatchback that has covered 60,000 miles can look totally new on the outside if it is well maintained, but may be showing signs of fatigue.
  • Engine: It’s important to try and gauge how was the engine treated by the previous owner Check if the heating times are respected (for a diesel) and if maintenance and servicing has been done regularly.
  • Interior: If the car has already covered more than 60,000 miles, it’s worth checking the condition of the upholstery. Leather? Is it damaged? Has any seating fabric suffered from friction?
  • Equipment: Obviously this will vary from one hatchback to another, the level of equipment can help you choose your dream hatchback. Most hatchbacks come well-equipped at a good price, often featuring integrated sat nav, DAB and air conditioning for a more enjoyable ride.


Warranties on a used hatchback 

Because a used hatchback is naturally a bigger investment than a city car for example, it could be wise to buy from a dealer like Peugeot Approved. Hatchbacks bought through Peugeot Approved remove the risks associated with buying through a private seller. All cars are checked and maintained, and often still have some remaining warranty, depending on their age.

The Peugeot Approved network offer a selection of used Peugeot hatchbacks. On the Peugeot Used Car website you can find all the hatchbacks available at your local dealership and beyond, and you can filter your search results easily to find exactly what you’re looking for.

So you’ve decided your next used car will be a hatchback. The choice is vast for second-hand models, which is good news and promises a great deal of choice with lots of models available at different prices.

To find your way around the multitude of used hatchbacks around, here are our tips for finding the right car.
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