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Benefits of buying a used hybrid

Used hybrid cars: a cheaper alternative?

Many used hybrid cars are now available through private ads or on sites like Peugeot Approved - – where you can use filters to find your perfect hybrid vehicle that feature Peugeot's Hybrid4 technology. Most models are hatchbacks, crossovers or SUVs. There are not many small hybrid city cars around as yet as hybrid technology is more suited for urban and motorway driving. Typically, the electric motor powers the car at low speeds, but when you increase your speed for motorway driving, the diesel or petrol engine kicks in.

Buying a used hybrid car gives you significant savings on fuel and gives you a cleaner car. Hybrid cars, when new, benefited from an ecological grant when they were originally sold meaning the used price should take into account this discount. And because hybrid cars consumes less (thanks to their battery), it’s rare that they need replacement parts like the clutch, the alternator and the starter motor as they age. The cost of maintenance on a hybrid car is much cheaper than on a traditional equivalent car.

Tips for buying a used hybrid car  

When buying a used hybrid car, it is important to choose a car you know the history of. Has the previous owner looked after the car or neglected it? A useful thing about hybrid cars is the fact that they gather vital information regarding their use, as they are more technical cars equipped with clever computers. This means you will be able to discover the average consumption since the car was registered as well as the number of miles it has travelled, and you’re also able to test the efficiency of the battery in real time.

Always look for a used hybrid car that has been well maintained and has a full history and always take it for a test drive before signing on the dotted line. For added peace of mind, it is advisable to purchase a used hybrid car through a dealership like Peugeot Approved. Used hybrid cars on available through the Peugeot Approved network should have a service history, be thoroughly checked and inspected, and you should be able to find a vehicle to suit your requirements.

Only entering the car market a few years ago, used hybrid cars are now a reality and are a more efficient alternative to petrol and diesel cars.

Second-hand hybrid cars raise many questions among customers: How reliable are they? What is the battery life of a hybrid car? What are the maintenance costs?

To help you choose the right used hybrid car, follow our guide below.
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