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Benefits of buying a used LCV

Used LCVs: Different models on the market

Before you begin looking for a used van, ask yourself what are your needs. Are you looking for a large van with large load compartments or a small van that is easy to drive, or do you have specialised needs like a converted van such as a tipper or refrigerated van? A used van helps your budget go further and you can often find a well-equipped vehicle at a really good price.

Identify your needs, set your budget, and start your search. With the Peugeot Approved website you can search for a fantastic used Peugeot van.  


Used vans: making the right choice

In addition to the usual criteria like good aesthetics, when choosing a used van you need to concentrate on practical needs. Here are a few key points to look at before making a purchase:

  • Which engine to choose. Most often, commercial vehicles are equipped with diesel engines which are more economical for intensive use. Diesel van power ranges between 100 and 120 hp. Consider how you will use your van and ensure it has sufficient engine power for when the vehicle is fully loaded.
  • Which load volume to choose. When considering a used LCV, volume and payload are essential information. Look at the gross vehicle weight and the permissible gross weight. If you plan to carry heavy goods, avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • What equipment is on board.  The equipment on board often centres arund handling and loading. In addition to basics like power steering or electric windows, focus on the equipment that will make your every day life easier: liftgate, integrated GPS, parking assistance, etc. Check that all this equipment is functional and has not been misused by the previous owner.

You can search for used LCVs on the Peugeot Used Cars website, and we’ll do all we can to get you your perfect van.

Used commercial vehicles are highly sought after. However, professional vehicles must always be approached cautiously with care when buying second hand. There are a wide variety of used vans available and you must ensure they are suitable for your business or personals needs and are in good condition before committing. Follow our useful guide to buying a used LCV.
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