Buying a used car - Documents

Steps to take when buying a used car

The documents that the seller must give you when selling a used car

1. The vehicle’s V5C certificate – minus section 6, which they need to complete and send to the DVLA to notify them that they are selling the car

2. The service history - including any relevant receipts or MOT certifications

3. Car manual/handbook

4. A receipt – Ask the seller to write out a simple receipt stating the key details about the car including the registration number, make, model and year and the VIN (chassis) number. The receipt should also contain both yours and the seller's names and addresses. Also ensure they include the date of purchase and the price paid for the vehicle. Both you and the seller should have a copy of this.


What to do after buying a used car

Providing section 6 of the V5C certificate has been sent to the DVLA you will receive a new V5C certificate through the post to prove you are the owner of the car.

Ensure you have sorted out your car insurance for your car and also that the vehicle is taxed.

If you buy your used car from a dealership like Peugeot Approved, we will take care of the above steps for you. In addition to having a wide choice of vehicles and taking advantage of the warranty offered on your used car, buying through the Peugeot Approved Used Cars network means you don’t have to worry about paperwork.

Before selling a used car, you, the owner, must gather several documents needed for the sale and must complete the necessary paperwork to declare the sale and inform the parties involved.